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Goodsprings History

History of the Pioneer Saloons home town.

Goodsprings signThe town of Goodsprings was originally know as Good's Spring after its founder Joseph Good. Joseph Good settled in the area in the 1860's mainly because of the rich under ground spring. Many of the Cottonwood trees found in Goodsprings were originally planted by Mr. Good and were able to flourish in this otherwise desert area because of the natural underground spring which he was named after. Goodsprings, Nevada became a booming Mining town in the early 1900s when the Yellow Pine Mine was established as well as the Fayle Hotel, the General Mercantile and yes the World Famous Pioneer Saloon.

Goods springs signNext to the Pioneer Saloon is the Goodsprings General Store. This was at one time the Goodsprings Cafe and it is said that George Fayle built the Goodsprings Cafe first and lived in it while he built the Pioneer Saloon. Later in 1915 across from the Pioneer Saloon Mr. Fayle built a General Store and Icehouse. The store burned down in 1966 but the icehouse and a storage room still stand to this day. In 1916 for $27,000 he built the Fayle Hotel. The Hotel had 20 rooms, electric lights, and hot and cold running water. The hotel unfortunately burned down in 1966 as well all that is left of it today is the water well.

Goods springs signAnother one of the great Goodsprings historical buildings still in use today is the Goodsprings Elementary School. The school was opened in 1913, the same year as the Pioneer Saloon, and cost only $20,000. In 1916 two rooms were added for an additional $2,305. This is still the current Elementary School for Goodsprings and is the only school in Clark County that still uses a real school bell. The School is, like the Pioneer Saloon, a proud member of the still operational history of Goodsprings, Nevada.There is an older school building still standing in Goodsprings built in the late 1800's and was of course no longer used when the new school openend in 1913.

Campbell CabinThe oldest building in Goodsprings is the Campbell stone cabin. This was the first permanent structure in Goodsprings, being built in 1886. In 1915 during the Goodsprind hayadays this land site had been occupied by other great such as the Jensen and Crampton store, the Assay office, and the home of the Goodsprings Justice of the Peace, Phil Springer. In 1920 Otto Schwartz bought these buildings, except the Campel Cabin,and the Schwartz General Store occupied the surounding area until 1934. Now in 1917 Otto & Cora were married in the stone cabin and they lived ther till Cora's death in 1980.

Goods springs signGoodsprings has had many fire that have claimed many of its great buildings and all were lost at this site except the Campbell Cabin. There is a group of old buildings that are still standing though, even through the fires, and that is the site of Samuel Younts General Merchantile. The mercantile was later purchased sometime in the mid century by the Flemming familly who still own and protect it to this day. Some of the Flemming family even attended school at the Goodsprings Elementary. There is so much more to see in Goodsprings, but you will just have to come visit for the rest.

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