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The History of the Pioneer Saloon and Goodsprings Nevada

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This is a video in loving memory of Don Hedrick Jr. made in December 2006 during the Asshole Association's yearly toy drive. He talks about himself,and the over 40 years of family history in the Pioneer Saloon. The Saloon was turned over to it's new owner, who was also a long time patron of the Pioneer Saloon, in December 2006. Less than a year later on October 17th, 2007 the long time, loved, and respected, former owner Don Hedrick Jr. passed away. Although gone he will forever be a part of the never ending History of the Pioneer Saloon ....

Image of the front of the Pioneer SaloonThe Pioneer Saloon built in 1913, by prominent business man George Fayle, will charm and envelope you with its intriguing past. As you cross the threshold from the present to the past, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip you will quickly come to appreciate this historical landmark.

The interior and exterior walls are of stamped tin and manufactured by Sears and Roebuck. It is thought to be one of the last, if not the last of its kind in the United States. The legendary bar installed in 1913 was manufactured by the Brunswick Company in Maine in the 1860's. As you belly up to wet your whistle you will rest your foot on the original brass foot rail installed when the bar was built.

Image of Clark and CaroleMany movies have been filmed here but the genuine stories of the Pioneer Saloon do not live in the lines of a movie script but in the echoes of the past. The famous screen legend, Clark Gable, waited for three days at the bar for word on his wife of less than two years Carole Lombard. She was lost in a plane crash near Mount Potosi. You will be able to read this tragic story on an original newspaper and see a piece of the actual wreckage. At one time the saloon was next to a hotel that not only served as a comfortable rest place for the many prospectors and miners in the west... it also served as a place where street girls would frequent with their clients. The hotel is gone now after a severe fire left only ashes to remember.The many tales from the bar along with bullet holes, the pot bellied stove and the paper clippings are just a few of the things that will keep you immersed in the exciting era of the old Wild West.

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